South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group

Our clinical commissioning group (CCG) is led by local senior GPs who are absolutely committed to putting the patient first.

We believe the best people to do this are those who know patients best: the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals who meet patients daily and know what they really need. We are among the new clinical commissioning groups which have chosen to have a doctor as their leader, rather than a manager. But our healthcare professionals work hand in hand with a team of NHS managers who have great experience in helping run health services for a local population. This brings clinical expertise together with NHS management skills – for the benefit of patients.

South Devon and Torbay CCG became fully authorised in January 2013, ready to take over its full responsibilities on 1 April 2013. Those
responsibilities mean holding a large part of the NHS budget locally. We will be planning, designing and commissioning (buying) health services for our local population. With everything we do, we will ask: “How will that feel for patients?”

Contact details:
Pomona House
Oak View Close
Telephone:01803 652 500

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