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Post Op Cataract appointments – Nightingale Hospital (Exeter).

We are receiving emails concerning post op cataract appointments, from surgery carried out at the Nightingale Hospital (Exeter).

Unfortunately, there is not a cataract post operative follow up pathway with the Nightingale. Therefore, you are unable to offer NHS funded post OP appointments from surgery that derives from this centre. 

Alternatively, patients could be offered a private post operative appointment. However, post-cataract reports for Nightingale patients cannot be sent through pharmoutcomes. The request to provide an unfunded post operative assessment for the Nightingale should be rejected.

Devon LOC request that you do not send or complete any paperwork for Nightingale services, and direct the patient back to Nightingale, using the number that has been provided to them. 

We will continue to highlight this gap in provision to the Nightingale and inform you if the position changes.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Devon LOC