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Attendance at LOC meetings 

The LOC encourages and welcomes guests to attend its virtual meetings and details of dates and times for these can be obtained from Occasionally the LOC does discuss sensitive and private information and we may ask guests to step out of the meeting whilst these matters are being discussed however every effort is made to ensure these matters are covered in advance of the meetings. 

Domiciliary contract.  

Looking for a bit of information about registration for domiciliary work in the Torbay area. Could you let me know the best way to register, is it through yourself, PCSE England, NHS England or NHS regional team? Any advice would be appreciated. 

With regards to registering your practice for domiciliary services, can I direct you to the NHSBSA website at GOS Contract Management | NHSBSA  where you will find guidance and the relevant documentation for a GOS contract application. When selecting the documentations to submit, the option is Section A, which corresponds to Additional Services. All Declarations and Application forms must be hand signed by the contractor. 

NHS email application 

Please use this link to request an NHS email. Please note that accounts are not issued to Locum Optometrists, instead you will be offered access to an Egress account. An ‘Egress’ account will allow you to send/receive emails and documents securely to/from NHS email address recipients, using your non-NHS email address. ‘Egress’ is a free of charge web-based platform, does not require the installation of any additional software and is compliant with NHS security protocols. This should allow you to send secure referral letters to hospitals and GPs. If you haven’t already done so, please complete the data security and protection toolkit 

How to be re-instated onto the Performers List in order to practice under the GOS contract in the South West

Information and forms can be found here


How do I get a WOPEC code? 

If you would like a code to access any of these courses, please contact Carole at When applying for a code please ensure you supply your full name, email, place of work, and GOC number.  Please note WE ONLY ISSUE WOPEC CODES FOR DEVON-BASED OPTOMS AND DISPENSING OPTICIANS. CONTACT LENS OPTICIANS SEEKING WOPEC CODES FOR MECS AND GLAUCOMA MODULES ARE ADVISED TO CONTACT WHO IS ABLE TO SUPPLY THESE.