Devon Local Optical Committee is the organisation representing Optical professionals in Devon. The LOC is the statutory NHS body which represents the providers and performers of General Ophthalmic Services (GOS),as well as other local optometric services, in the area. Our function is to liaise with NHS England, local area teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups/ Sustainable Transformation Partnership's (STP) on matters relating to eye care. We also organise CET events and peer discussion events for optical professionals.

Purpose of the LOC:

  • To work with Opticians and Optometrists ( Eye Care Professionals) and across the health system to improve eye health outcomes and reduce inequalities in the provision of care.
  • To work with partners to design and deliver eye care services which meet local need
  • To work with partners to develop community orientated eye care services
  • To work with Registered Eye Care Providers to recruit, retain and develop the current and future workforce
  • To advise the NHS on matters affecting Eye Care Professionals providing General Ophthalmic Services
  • To enable Registered Eye Care Providers in the area to formulate collective views and develop ideas for improvement and better ways of working
  • To advise Commissioners on the scope and efficiency of eye care service locally
  • To provide a range of educational events for local Registered Eye Care Providers, ensuring opportunities for peer support and developing relationships with secondary care ophthalmologists.
  • Disseminating information to the profession
  • Developing integrated pathways and engaging with neighbouring LOCs to help lead on future plans

The Committee holds its AGM during May each year and all eye care professionals practicing in the area are encouraged to attend.

The Committee meets 6 times a year, if you are interested in attending as an observer please contact Karen on admin@devonloc.co.uk.

AGM 2022 minutes: Minutes Devon LOC AGM May 2022

Committee member role description: Commitee Member FINAL

Day in the Life of Devon LOC

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The LOC Constitution is the source of the LOC’s powers. LOCs can only act in accordance with the powers provided in the Constitution. LOCs must properly discharge the duties and responsibilities required by the Constitution. LOCs must not exceed the powers in their Constitution and should always check that any action taken by the LOC is within the powers the Constitution provides.

The Devon LOC Consitution was approved at the AGM in 2016: Click here

Brochure of Community Eyecare Services 

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