LOCSU Latest April 2018

WELCOME to the April edition of LOCSU Latest – our regular LOC newsletter. Click here to view.  READ MORE

NHS England Optometry Newsletter – April 2018

Find the latest newsletter, together with the two attachments, below concerning the position of LPN for Eye Health Chair here.  READ MORE

Diabetic Eye Screening Service 2018 Survey – South West

If you have been asked by your Optician Practice please click here to complete survey      READ MORE

NHS England Optometry Newsletter – January 2018

The latest newsletter outlines the process for accessing translation/interpreter services.  READ MORE

Meibomian Cyst Policy

A supporting CRG has been developed by the planned care clinical leads to support understanding of the policy and referral, please see attachments for further information.  READ MORE

Formulary Treatment for Dry Eyes – NEW Devon CCG Guidance

NEW Devon Clinical Commissioing Group have recently produced some formulary treatment guidance on dry eyes – see this information here: Formulary Treatment of Dry Eye Information on ophthalmic ...  READ MORE

IMPORTANT REFERRAL INFORMATION: New Devon Ophthalmic Referral Standard

The CCG has implemented a new referral standard for Devon: Devon Opthalmic Referral Standard The implementation date for this standard is Monday 19th June 2017 The letter has also been posted to all ...  READ MORE

Brochure of Services – Local and Accessible Eyecare Services

Devon LOC have produced a brochure of services entitled Local and Accessible Eyecare Services – solutions for the rising demand on eyecare services: Brochure of Community Eyecare Services FINAL  READ MORE

Accessible Information Standard (Legal requirement from 31st July 2016)

The Accessible Information Standard tells organisations how they should make sure that disabled people have access to information they can understand and the communication support they may ...  READ MORE

Improving access to eye care for adults with learning disabilities (Torbay, South Devon and Teignbridge only)

It has become clear that the vast majority of people with learning disabilities could access their local high street optometrist for routine eye checks but sometimes a course of desensitisation maybe ...  READ MORE

The See Hear Centre and See Hear on Wheels

The See Hear Centre, based in Barnstaple, provides assistive equipment demonstrations, a ‘try before you buy’ loans scheme and an information and advice support service for people with sight and ...  READ MORE

Devon Cataract Referral Criteria

Devon Cataract Referral Criteria (The policy will be implemented on the 19th of October 2015- additional supporting documents below): Before a referral is made, the referrer must confirm ...  READ MORE

Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning

The Clinical Council for Eye Health Commissioning (CCEHC) acts as the national clinical voice for eye health in England, advising commissioners, providers, clinicians and policy-makers in health, ...  READ MORE

LOCSU Hot Briefs

The LOC Support Unit in London produce regular information fact sheets to keep contractors and performers up to date with national developments in optics. LOC Hot Briefs contain guidance and advice ...  READ MORE

Devon LOC Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15

The Devon LOC AGM took place on Tuesday 12th May 2015. Please see the: Annual Report: Devon LOC Annual Report 2015 Annual Accounts: LOC accounts 2014-15  READ MORE

Plymouth Royal Eye Infirmary (REI) – Urgent care referrals

The Royal Eye Infirmary (REI) in Plymouth have revised their procedure for urgent referrals. This will operate: 08.30am-18.00pm Monday to Friday 09.00 am -13.00pm Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays ...  READ MORE

Act now – Improve community service provision

We would encourage you to act now to prevent avoidable sight loss and increase community services provision by writing to your local Clinical Commissioning Group to encourage adoption of patient ...  READ MORE

Eye Health Leaflet

The LOC have produced a useful Eye Health Leaflet  READ MORE

Ophthalmic Public Health Factsheets

The LOC have recently produced a series of Ophthalmic Public Health Factsheet for the three local Public Health Teams across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. The factsheets include information on sight ...  READ MORE

Learning Disabilities – Getting my eyes checked

LOCSU have developed a Community Eye Care Pathway for Adults and Young People with Learning Disabilities Locally Kathy Diplock/Orthoptist at Torbay Hospital has produced a leaflet encouraging the ...  READ MORE

Low Vision Guide for GPs

Sight loss is an increasing health concern in the UK. With an ageing population, the number of people with eye conditions is projected to rapidly increase over the coming years. The Royal College of ...  READ MORE

Opticians’ referral protocol for suspected retinoblastoma

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the College of Optometrists are supporting an initiative from The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) to help cut delays in diagnosis of childhood eye cancer. ...  READ MORE

Randomised Controlled Trial of Routine Medical Follow-ups vs No Medical Follow-up after Cataract Extraction

South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Torbay Hospital) are undertaking a Randomised Controlled Trial of Routine Medical Follow-ups vs No Medical Follow-up after Cataract Extraction. This study ...  READ MORE

Primary Eyecare Devon

The Devon Local Optical Committee has set in place Primary Eyecare Devon Ltd which is a fully functioning and accredited provider company, capable of bidding for contracts for the delivery of eyecare ...  READ MORE

NHS England (Information and Newsletters)

The Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area Team is the local arm of NHS England. NHS England is one organisation across the whole of England and is an independent body at arm’s lenth to the ...  READ MORE

Quality in Optometry

Quality in Optometry a toolkit for clinical governance in optometric practice. England Level 1 is GOS contract compliance. This level will be used by NHS England Area Teams for the purposes of ...  READ MORE

NHS Email Access

To apply for access to an mail account you need to first contact the NHS England Area team using the following details: •, or • 0113 824 8801 ...  READ MORE

Best Practice for Ophthalmic Referrals

Best Practice for Ophthalmic Referrals. Please note that this information is not essential but classified as best practice for cataract referrals in Devon.  READ MORE

Commissioning Policies

There are treatments of Ophthalmic Conditions that are not routinely funded by the NHS (Low Priority Procedures). There are set policies in place for Blepharoplasty, Chalazion (Meibomian Cysts) ...  READ MORE

Shared Business Services (SBS)

Shared Business Services (SBS) Contact details  READ MORE

Atlas of Optical Variation – Enhanced Eye Health Services in England

This map shows which community eyecare pathways are available where, according to the current arrangement of NHS England Area Teams and Clinical Commissioning Groups. To find out which Local Optical ...  READ MORE

Referral Forms

Referrals Forms for patients referred to Plymouth (REI), Exeter (RD&E), North Devon (NDDH) and South Devon (Torbay Hospital)  READ MORE

Referral Guidelines

Referrals Guidelines for Plymouth, Exeter, North Devon and Torbay  READ MORE

NHS England Business Plan

NHS Business Plan for 2014/15 to 2016/17: Putting Patients First  READ MORE

Performers List Application Forms and Information

The application process and associated documentation have been produced in accordance with the National Health Service (Performers Lists) (England) Regulations 2013. Any application submitted will be ...  READ MORE

Mandatory NHS England Contract forms and information

Application forms and information for a contract to provide ophthalmic services (Mandatory Services ie: Optician Practices) For more information contact Colette Wells (Assistant Contract Manager ...  READ MORE

Additional NHS England Contract Forms and Information

Application forms and information for a contract to provide ophthalmic services (Additional Services ie: domiciliary testing). For more information contact Colette Wells (Assistant Contract Manager ...  READ MORE

South Devon and Torbay Clinical Commissioning Group

Our clinical commissioning group (CCG) is led by local senior GPs who are absolutely committed to putting the patient first. We believe the best people to do this are those who know patients best: ...  READ MORE

NEW Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group We are responsible for commissioning £1.1bn of healthcare services on your behalf. We have replaced Primary Care Trusts and have been ...  READ MORE

Act now to improve Eyecare Services

Recommended Actions for Commissioners & Providers with Case Examples from a Series of Four Workshops in England  READ MORE

Diabetic Retinal Screening – Plymouth

Information on Diabetic Retinal Screening in Plymouth  READ MORE

Solving the NHS Care and Cash Crisis

This report suggests that the NHS has much to be proud of, particularly its universal financial coverage and many of its acute hospital services. But community services, primary care, public health ...  READ MORE