Devon  Local Optical Committee (LOC) is the organisation representing optometrists and dispensing opticians in Devon.

It liaises with the  NHS on matters relating to eyecare.

Mission Statement

To represent, support and communicate with local eye health professionals (Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians) to ensure, as gatekeepers of eye care, the effective delivery of Ophthalmic Services across the whole of Devon.”

Organisational Aims of the Local Optical Committee

  • To work with Optical Practices and across the health system to improve eye health outcomes and reduce inequalities in the provision of care.
  • To work with partners to deliver eye care services which meet local need
  • To work with partners to develop community orientated eye care services 
  • To work with Registered Eye Care Providers to recruit, retain and develop the current and future workforce
  • To advise the NHS on matters affecting Optometrists providing General Ophthalmic Services
  • To enable Registered Eye Care Providers in the area to formulate collective views and develop ideas for improvement and better ways of working
  • To advise Commissioners on the scope and efficiency of eye care service locally
  • To provide a range of educational events for local Registered Eye Care Providers, ensuring opportunities for peer support and developing relationships with secondary care ophthalmologists.

Devon LOC Committee

Business Manager: Jonathan Drew jdrew@devonloc.co.uk (01392 834026)

Co-opted member: Paul Bradford

Devon LOC Constitution

The Devon LOC Consitution was approved at the AGM in 2013: Devon LOC Model Constitution revised 01-04-2013 (Final Version)

Any  local contractor or local  performer may observe the meetings of the Committee.  If you would like to attend a Committee Meeting please contact Jonathan Drew on 01392 834026 or email jdrew@devonloc.co.uk

Devon Local Optical Committee

Deer Park Business Centre, Haldon Hill, Kenford, Exeter, Devon EX6 7XX.  For directions to Deer Park click on the link below:

Directions to Deer Park